Tabby cat becomes Morrisons store mascot

Friday, 20th January 2012

A tabby cat from Saltney has taken to spending every day at supermarket chain Morrisons, only going home for his cat food when the store closes.

Brutus has been going to the Flintshire supermarket since it opened in August 2010 and enjoys lounging in the foyer area, reports The Leader.

However, there were fears that the cat has been banned from the store following a few health and safety complaints.

Angry shoppers set up a Facebook campaign that said they would boycott the store unless Brutus was allowed back.

Store manager Les Williams told the news provider: "Brutus the cat has become a store mascot. He gives a lot of joy to our shoppers – particularly our younger and older customers – and he will always be welcome."

The cat's owner, who lives opposite the store, added: "Brutus virtually lives in Morrisons. He waits at the entrance for the shop to open at 8am and only comes home during the day for the odd meal."

It would be illegal for Brutus to enter the actual store, so if Brutus tries to sneak in, he is gently ushered out.