Swansea students save cat abandoned in bag

Tuesday, 20th March 2012

An animal is now being cared for with cat food and a safe bed after being dumped in a black holdall in Swansea.

The tabby tomcat was found by students at Swansea University. He was inside a bag at the entrance to Hendrefoilan Student Village in Sketty, reports thisissouthwales.co.uk.

They stayed with the cat until the RSPCA arrived to take him away. He was not wearing a collar.

RSPCA inspector Chris Coleman told the news provider: "The cat has obviously been dumped by someone ... and must have been quite scared cooped up in that holdall.

"If he has been dumped by his owner, then shame on them to treat an animal so callously. People should always think very carefully before taking on an animal."

In 2010, the RSPCA rescued over 130,000 animals and provided shelter for them. It is the only charity that prosecutes those guilty of animal cruelty and, in 2010, it managed to secure 2,441 convictions.