Stray kitty gets in a pickle looking for cat food

Thursday, 24th March 2011

A stray kitty in Kentucky, US, got into something of a pickle when looking for cat food.

The cat managed to get his head stuck in a discarded tin of Campbell's soup after taking a peek to see if there was any grub left in it.

Luckily, the four-month-old cat was brought into the Metro Animal Services (MAS) by animal control officer Raymond Thomas.

After being taken to the vet, the tin was removed from the cat's head with a pair of bolt cutters. Staff at the MAS named the kitty Campbell.

Jackie Gulbe, assistant director for community relations of MAS, said: "Our staff did a great job rescuing this little guy from what could have been a 'can-tastrophe'.

"He is a friendly, sweet boy who is available for adoption at the Animal House Adoption Center."

After having the tin removed from his head, Campbell was given pet medication to stabilise his condition.