Stray kitten given life-saving op

Thursday, 2nd February 2012

A tiny stray kitten is now enjoying tucking into her cat food and has put on weight after having a life-saving operation on her heart.

Violet was around six weeks old when she was brought to the Blue Cross Victoria animal hospital. She had been found hungry and cold in a shoebox with another kitten that had sadly died already.

She weighed just 400g and was having trouble breathing and swallowing food.

It turned out that she had a serious heart condition, meaning she needed surgery.

Jess Gower, the veterinary surgeon who carried out Violet’s operation, said: "We have never performed this operation on such a tiny kitten before, but it was important to act quickly or she may not have made it.

"The surgery was quite tricky as Violet’s heart was only about the size of a grape, but it all went well and we’re really pleased that she is making such a great recovery."

She added that Violet will soon be ready to start looking for a new home.