Stray cat pays a visit to royal milliner

Friday, 15th April 2011

An abandoned kitty recently found itself a new place to enjoy cat food after turning up at the royal wedding milliner's office.

Bogart the cat had been trapped in a box and left by a skip near the office of famous milliner Philip Treacy, the company that will be providing the hats for the royal wedding on April 29th.

He was found by Jutta Freedlander, Philip Treacy's production manager, who brought Bogart into the office before getting in touch with Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

After being checked over by vets, Bogart spent seven days at the home, but as no one claimed him during this time, Ms Freedlander decided to take him home with her.

She explained that she had wanted a cat but needed one that would get on with her dog, Dargo.

She said: "Bogart is the perfect match, and I was so pleased to be able to give him a loving home.

"When the royal wedding takes place on April 29th Bogart will be relaxing at home with me and Dargo, and I'm sure he'll be looking out for the hats he had a sneak peek of," she said.