'Secret lives of cats' revealed

Monday, 18th July 2011

Owners who wonder what their moggy gets up to after they have filled up on cat food for the day may be interested in a new report published by Bayer Animal Health.

The Secret Lives of Cats looked at 150 hours of camera footage, 768 hours of GPS tracking and the survey results from 3,000 owners, reports the Daily Mail.

Findings showed that cats tend to go to the bathroom in their neighbours gardens in order to intentionally mark the edge of their territory. This is generally less than 300 yards from their home.

Animal behaviourist Roger Tabor explained how to avoid getting into trouble with your neighbours. He told the news provider: "Territorial marking could be a serious source of dispute between neighbours.

"If you have a tiny garden and if you don't want to fall out with your neighbours, it's important to leave an area of loose soil at the end of the garden which you can clean when needed."