Scottish pensioner reunited with cat after 8 months

Tuesday, 24th May 2011

A Scottish pensioner is set to offer her kitty its first taste of cat food for eight months after being reunited with her pet.

Edna Crawford of Dunfermline feared that her cat Jasper would not survive the harsh winter after going missing last September, reports the Dunfermline Press.

However, the moggy was recently picked up by a member of the public at Dobbies Garden Centre in Dunfermline and reunited with its delighted owner.

Jasper was able to be identified as he had been microchipped at a local vets when he was a kitten.

Ms Crawford told the news provider: "Jasper's looking really healthy.

"He's always been a hunter and while I suppose someone could have taken him in, I think he managed to look after himself."

It is not the first time the five year-old grey cat has gone missing, as he left home for ten days last year before eventually turning up with an injured foot.