San Diego owners to pay 'cat tax'?

Wednesday, 20th July 2011

As well as buying cat food, owners in San Diego may soon have to pay a special tax to keep their feline friends.

The city auditor's office has recommended that a tax be introduced. It claims that if just five per cent of the city's 373,000 cats had been registered at $25 (£15) each, San Diego could have saved $536,000 (£332,196) over three fiscal years.

However, cat owners have opposed the suggestion, claiming that introducing a tax would mean many cats are simply abandoned.

Speaking to NBC San Diego, Sandee Gilbert, the owner of a one-year-old cat named Nike, said: "What's going to happen is, they're gonna say, 'Bye, bye, Kitty Cat', and throw the little cat out the door.

"The cost of euthanasia in Animal Control is just going to skyrocket because we'll have cats dying left and right for no reason whatsoever."

Joan Miller, vice president of the local chapter of the international Cat Fanciers Assn, added that such a fee may deter people who trap feral cats to get them neutered from doing so.