Safety collar important for cats, charity warns

Monday, 7th November 2011

A cat who needed pet medication and plenty of pet food following a nasty accident has prompted one charity to urge owners to ensure their animal wears a safety collar.

Cats Protection made this statement after a cat was brought to them with a wound to her armpit and weight loss.

Princess had her foreleg stuck through her collar so her owner had rushed her to Merton animal hospital.

Becky Dawe, deputy head nurse, said: "When a collar is stuck in this way because the cat can't get it off it gradually cuts in to the skin and the longer it’s in place the more extensive and infected the wound will become.

"Your cat could be at risk of this type of injury if you don't use a safety collar with a quick release mechanism."

She added that Princess’s wound was stitched up after a week of treatment. She said the cat was lucky not to need surgery because of the nature of her injury.