Regular worming medication is vital for outdoor cats

Monday, 8th October 2012

Active felines that spend a significant amount of their time outdoors should be given worming tablets on a regular basis, vet Pete Wedderburn has reminded owners.

Writing in his weekly blog, Mr Wedderburn explained that small prey is likely to pass on worms to hunting cats, with worming required at least every three months and preferably once a month.

In the blog Q and A, a reader complained that their cat refuses to eat worming tablets when crushed up in food, and asked the expert what could be done to encourage them.

Mr Wedderburn suggested putting the tablets in particularly smelly food that cats like, such as sardines or tuna, could be a way to tempt them. Warming up the meal should make it even more irresistible.

Alternatively, for particularly stubborn pets a prescription spot-on product may be a solution – owners should consult their vet about such options.