Regular grooming can keep cats beautiful

Wednesday, 14th November 2012

Owners that want their cat's fur to look as lush as a shampoo advert need to regularly brush or comb their pet, according to Best Friends Animal Society.

A grooming regime will stimulate the skin, remove dead fur and minimise mats, according to Best Friends Animal Society cat manager Michelle Warfle.

In addition, such a practice will provide some valuable bonding time for feline and owner.

"Feeding him or her a good quality diet will also help maintain a thick and shining coat, and promote good eye health," she advised, and with so many quality cat food brands available, cat lovers are spoilt for choice.

"Maintaining good dental and mouth care will help your cat continue to groom himself or herself well into the senior years," Ms Warfle added.

In addition, owners are advised to prioritise regular medical check ups to ensure the health of their cat's eyes and skin are up to scratch.