RSPCA claims to have UK's grumpiest cat

Tuesday, 5th July 2011

The RSPCA has revealed it is currently providing cat food for a particularly grumpy feline.

Following a story in the Daily Mail about Mr Pip, whose scowling face could mean he is the moodiest cat in the land, the RSPCA have put forward a new contender in the shape of Honey, who has a less than pleasant disposition.

At the moment, Honey suffers from a stress-related illness that means she looses her fur, meaning she has been overlooked by many potential owners.

Angelina Lusher, who cares for Honey at the charity's Millbrook Animal Centre, explained that Honey is a lovely cat underneath but that she is not so great in mornings and can be "very moody".

She said: "She also hates other cats, as well as dogs, and is not afraid to let people know when she is unhappy!

"Honey will probably sweeten up as soon as she has a home to go to, but at the moment potential owners can’t seem to get past the fact that she is slightly bald, and a bit angry!"