Pets more likely to be on present list than grandparents

Tuesday, 13th November 2012

Around a third of UK shoppers bought treats, toys and accessories for their pets last Christmas, and people will be more likely to splash out on their furry friends than their grandparents this festive season.

Such is the finding of a new report from SAS and Verdict, which revealed that 15.8 per cent of 10,000 shoppers surveyed were buying Christmas presents for their pets, compared with 14.3 per cent for their grandparents.

The study predicted xmas spending will still pip last year's figure despite the ongoing financial struggles many are facing. Consumers will spend £86 billion over the season of goodwill, an increase of one per cent on last year.

Shoppers will also blow over £35 billion on festive food. For pet owners, the temptation to pamper your pet by giving them treats from the Christmas table can be pretty high – remember to stick to good quality dog food and cat food to avoid the health problems many human foods can cause.