Pet foods aren't addictive, says expert

Tuesday, 2nd October 2012

The idea that certain commercial pet foods could be addictive is a misconception, according to a recent advice article published by The Telegraph's resident vet, Pete Wedderburn.

Responding to a reader's query about whether dry cat biscuits could have addictive properties after their feline showed an unusual preference for them, Mr Wedderburn clarified that this sort of behaviour is not abnormal in animals.

'It's common for some cats to have strong preferences for certain foods', the vet wrote.

However, he suggested owners should ideally aim for a mixed diet for their furry friends, as in particular an all-dry diet for cats can lead to increased risk of urinary tract disease.

According to Mr Wedderburn the solution for dry cat food aficionados is to give them a measured amount of dry food to provoke their appetite and make them want wet food as well.