Pet cat has leg amputated after being shot

Thursday, 3rd November 2011

A pet from Hartlepool is now learning how to eat its cat food while standing on three legs after being shot.

Owner Bailey Armstrong said when his cat, Nemo, came home limping, they thought he had hurt his leg from a fall, reports the Peterlee Mail.

When they took him to the vet, it was discovered that an air riffle pellet had shattered his right back leg and it could not be saved.

Mr Armstrong told the news provider: “When the PDSA rang and said an air rifle pellet had been found in his leg I couldn’t believe it. They said it had completely shattered his bones.

“I went straight over to the police station to report it ... I believe it was done at close range, that’s what I’m thinking anyway.”

PC Dawn Young added that she was shocked at the cat’s injury and said she hopes animal lovers will help them catch those responsible.

This follows news reported by the Birmingham Mail, in which a cat was found shot in the head and run over. He has now made a “miracle recovery” and is back with his owners after three months.