PM's puss enjoys cat food with feline friend

Thursday, 8th September 2011

Larry, the prime minister's puss, has made a feline friend of his own who he eats cat food with on a regular basis.

The cat, who David Cameron and his family welcomed to number 10 in February this year, has found a girlfriend who he spends most nights with, explaining why the mouse-catching moggy sleeps all day.

Maisy, who is kept at the St James' Park keeper's cottage, has caught the attention of Larry.

A spokeswoman for the Royal Parks said issued a statement, saying: "The park manager confirms that Larry does make trips to visit Maisy. The two appear to be content with each other’s company, sometimes enjoying meals together.

"An occasional mouse has been left on the doorstep, perhaps as a thank you gesture."

Luckily however, David Cameron will not have to worry about having to take on a litter of kittens as part of his priminesterial duties, as Larry has been neutered.