Owners advised to watch their cat's diet

Thursday, 26th May 2011

Owners have been advised that they should watch how much cat food they give their kitty.

Maria Harrison, who runs the Willows Cat Shelter in South Shields, has told the Shields Gazette about some of the dangers of cat obesity, revealing that being significantly overweight has the same effect on cats as it does humans.

She told the news provider: "They get heart problems and diabetes.

"Owners should be careful about what and how they feed their pets.

"One big problem is people who allow their cats to graze - leaving dried food out all day so their pet can eat when it wants. They can just keep on snacking."

Ms Harrison also suggested that people can hide cat food around the house so they have to search for it, as this will increase their activity levels.

Willows Cat Adoption Centre rescue stray and abandoned cats and make sure they are de-flead, wormed and neutered before they are re-homed.