Orphaned kittens being hand reared by charity

Friday, 13th July 2012

Four tiny kittens are being hand reared at the Blue Cross after being orphaned at just a day old.

The kittens were born last Saturday (July 7th) in a garden. The daughter of Amanda Bennett had been caring for their mother as a stray, and had been putting out cat food for her.

She said: "My mum had been feeding the cat for a while because she knew she was a stray. She even put a cardboard box out with a blanket for her.

"But she had no idea she was pregnant. She had the shock of her life when she went to feed her and found the kittens."

Sadly, they found that the mother died the following day after she was hit by a car. She never made it back to her kittens.

Ms Bennett took the kittens to the Blue Cross, where they are being fed in an incubator to keep them healthy.

The kittens are now improving every day and will be rehomed as soon as they are old enough.

So far this year, the Blue Cross has cared for around 600 kittens.