On the cat-walk: Pets are in vogue this season

Monday, 18th February 2013

It's official - pets are now very much in fashion.

Glamour magazine has been paying homage to our feline friends by opening a 'Cat Fashion Concept Store' in New York, with the magazine's director Bill Wackermann insisting that "cats are so fashion. Think about it. They're sleek, they're kind of chic", the New York Times reports.

Last week a four-year-old blue point Siamese rescue cat named Lily become the first ever real life feline to strut down the catwalk at the New York fashion show, appearing in the Tracy Reese collection.

Meanwhile, Glamour's editor Cindi Leive commented that "cats are not a trend, they are a permanent aspect of society".

We couldn't agree more with Ms Leive's remarks, and would like to remind animal lovers that pets should never be thought of as a fashion accessory. Owners should remember that a cat is for life, not just for the fashion season.