No more pet ownership, says US group

Wednesday, 2nd January 2013

The idea of searching for pet food online could soon be an outdated concept, if one US-based campaign group has any say in it.

Elliott Katz is the founding president of In Defence of Animals, a body that campaigns on issues surrounding animal rights and welfare.

He is calling for an end to the entire concept of pet ownership, arguing that the term has negative connotations, with Mr Katz likening the cause to slavery and the suffrage movement.

The pet-based protestor is hoping that the term owner can instead be replaced with guardian, as part of a new code for pet lovers out there.

Representatives in the US are hoping that the change will provide animals with more freedoms and could change the rules surrounding the purchase and sale of pets in the US.

It could even feed into issues surrounding breeding and a variety of veterinary procedures.

The changes are unlikely to affect UK-based pet fans, though we could one day see cat and dog food that is chosen by the feline or canine themselves!