New homes sought for 16 cats

Monday, 26th November 2012

New homes are being sought for 16 cats after they were rescued from neglect at a house in Kent.

All of the cats are said to be very shy and the RSPCA is looking to rehome them while an investigation into the owner is underway.

None of the cats have ever been outside, so the ideal environment for them is one where they can live inside to gradually build up confidence.

The charity warned that all the cats have the cat flu virus, meaning they cannot live with other felines as the virus is infectious by nature. Although none of them have symptoms at the minute, it can be brought on by stressful situations.

Becky Timberlake, RSPCA inspector, said that the cats were quite timid to begin with, but became more friendly, while some were happy to be picked up and fussed over.

"They have all had a really difficult start in life, so if someone wants to do something amazing and adopt a cat that really needs their help, then these are the cats for sure," she added.