'Never too late' for pet diet change

Wednesday, 2nd January 2013

It's never too late to consider an alternative pet food online or even an exercise regime for your beloved but bloated cat or dog.

That was the message relayed by a Harrow-based veterinary nurse, who urged owners to stay vigilant of their pet's weight and overall health.

The call comes amid concerns over an increase in the number of reported cases where domesticated animals are developing problems because of a poor diet.

Speaking to the Harrow Times, the veterinary professional expressed her concerns.

"Substantial weight gain is a growing concern in practice and is a problem that, sadly, we are seeing more and more of," she said.

"It’s never too late for pet owners to make a change though."

The call comes in the wake of the stories of two cats named Simba and Elvis and a dog called Amber, which all shed a significant amount of weight following a weight loss campaign conducted by their owners.

These three animals are competing in a special weight loss competition organised by Royal Canin.