Missing cat discovered under car bonnet

Tuesday, 18th October 2011

An animal that normally came home for its cat food every night recently went missing from its home in Bolton, only to turn up underneath a car bonnet three days later.

Tony Brown, who owned the cat Winnie, explained that she went missing last Saturday (October 8th) and that by Tuesday, the family was worried about her, reports theboltonnews.co.uk.

However, his son, Curtis, eventually discovered the cat. He told the news provider: "I heard a cat so I looked through the grill on the front of the car and two big cats eyes were looking back at me. It was a bit scary."

Mr Brown added: "Of all the places! We've heard of cats going under cars but to go in the bodywork is quite strange."

Winnie was freed by Mr Brown, who loosened some catches to make space in the grill.

Cats getting stuck under car bonnets is not that unusual. Diane Findlay, from Aberdeenshire, recently drove 17 miles without realising her one-year-old cat was stuck under the bonnet.