Mature moggy: Oldest cat in Britain reaches 25

Friday, 11th January 2013

Man has been searching for the elixir of life for thousands of years, but a household pet from Yorkshire may have discovered the secret as she prepares to celebrate her 25th birthday.

The cat, named Margaret, is a month away from reaching the milestone, and her owner says it's all down to her diet, which consists of tuna, chicken, cream crackers and cheese, the BBC reports.

Sarah Dixon of Stamford Bridge says Margaret has been with her through thick and thin, sharing all the important events in her life, and is now thought to be Britain's oldest cat.

But while Ms Dixon insists it is the moggy's very particular eating habits which have kept her going all these years, we suspect it's probably down to good genes.

Owners who want to keep their cats healthy and full of beans well into old age should feed their pet on a diet of high quality cat food and refrain from giving them too many treats.