Magnetic Moggy: cat burglar behind missing keys

Tuesday, 11th December 2012

A cat named Milo has been identified as the culprit in a burglary scandal after residents in Stoke Newington started mysteriously losing their keys.

The cat's magnetic collar, which operates the cat flap at her owner's house so that only she can get in, began picking up metallic objects as Milo did her rounds of the neighbourhood.

Fortunately the burglar's victims are reported to have seen the funny side, after Milo's owner Kirsten Alexander found 12 sets of house and car key dotted around her home and a further eight in the garden, along with other items such as screws, nuts and bolts.

Six more sets of keys were later discovered in neighbours' gardens, revealing Milo's tracks and foiling her apparently evil plan to take over the neighbourhood.

Ms Alexander had originally fitted Milo with the device in an attempt to stop other local pets from stealing her cat food, and says it has inadvertently given her an interesting insight into what Milo gets up to when she is at work.