MPs wife found guilty of stealing cat

Monday, 3rd October 2011

The wife of MP John Hemming, Christine, has been found guilty of stealing her husband's lover's kitten.

Emily Cox realised her kitten Beauty was missing when she went to feed her cat food, after which police found CCTV footage showing Mrs Hemming leaving the property with the four-month old animal.

Mr Hemming has a daughter with Mrs Cox, which his wife then found out about in the media last year. Shortly after the story emerged, the cat was taken from its home.

The defendant explained that she let the kitten free close to Mrs Cox's home, but it has not been seen since.

According to the Mirror, Mrs Cox explained that she just wants to know that the cat is safe.

"If anybody thinks they are looking after Beauty, please let us know," she is quoted as saying.

"If Beauty is in a loving home we would not feel it appropriate to remove her but would like to know where she is."

Mrs Hemming will be sentenced in October.