Lost kitty had to find her own cat food

Friday, 18th March 2011

A kitty from Cheltenham is probably pleased to be eating her regular cat food after having to find her own dinner after getting lost.

Midnight went missing on March 1st and owner Jeanette Young had feared she may have been run over, the Daily Mail reports.

However, it transpired that Midnight had managed to navigate her way through two miles of sewers to pop up just five doors away from the family home.

Vet Alison Jones, of Vets on the Park in Cheltenham and Tewkesbury, explained how Midnight managed to survive the long treck.

She told the news provider: "Cats are pretty resilient animals. They are natural hunters, so are capable of finding their own food.

"Unlike dogs, though, they cannot go for more than about five days without eating, so this cat must have managed to find some food while she was missing."

Ms Young revealed that Midnight's ability to find her way home was "like a Disney movie, or a comic book story about a super cat".