Lost kitty coaxed back to safety with cat food

Monday, 21st March 2011

A lost kitty that went missing over a year ago has been tempted back to safety with cat food.

Fudge, a ginger cat, went missing in December 2009 in the Queen Elizabeth Country Park (QECP) in east Hampshire, reports the Petersfield Post.

The Wood family were on their way to a family holiday and were planning on dropping the seven-month-old kitten in a cattery for the duration.

However, on opening the car door, the cat jumped out and ran into the park.

For months there were no sightings of Fudge, but in September there were reports of a ginger cat hunting rabbits in the park.

After this, staff at QECP began leaving out cat food and park manager Tim Speller left out a trap to catch Fudge. After three days the kitty was caught and returned to the Wood family.

Mrs Wood told the news provider: "The children were so excited when they got home to find him here.

"He's so calm and affectionate so there will be no problem with him being integrated back in to the family."