London hosts cat show jumping event

Tuesday, 10th May 2011

Cat food may have been needed by organisers of the London Pet Show as a number of felines may have worked up an appetite after taking part in a new sport.

According to the Kensington and Chelsea Chronicle, cat show jumping has been taking the US by storm, but has not yet garnered much interest in the UK.

However, at this year's London Pet Show, kitties took part in an event that saw them jumping over a series of obstacles.

Valerie Davidson, from Gillingham, Kent, is one of the owners who has embraced cat show jumping and has trained up her two cats Fly and Whitey.

She told the news provider: "Fly and Whitey just love to play, I can sit in an armchair with a long stick and train them. They think they're just playing.

"They were on the BBC's One Show last night and it's been a very busy week so we'll leave them to nap for a bit."

The London Pet Show took place in Kensington Olympia on May 7th and 8th.