Locals call for speeding action after death of pregnant cat

Wednesday, 5th October 2011

People living around Kingsway who buy cat food for an animal may be among those concerned over a stretch of road where motorists tend to speed.

Locals have cited concerns over the road in Valley Gardens after a pregnant cat was killed because a driver was speeding, reports thisisgloucestershire.co.uk.

Catherine Blandford, who owned pregnant Cherry, told the news provider: "Everyone speeds up there. They certainly aren't paying any attention to the 20mph speed limit. People just don't seem to have any respect."

Cherry was killed on Thursday last week (September 29th) and was rushed to the vets but sadly passed away.

Paula Needham, headteacher at Kingsway Primary School, added that there are many "near misses" when motorists turn around at the dead end of the Valley Gardens road.

Saferpets.co.uk reveals that if your animal is in a road accident, the first priority is to move them out of harms way and protect any bleeding wounds with a clean cloth.