Let your kitten socialise with people early on to prevent behavioural problems

Friday, 13th April 2012

Socialising with lots of people early on is an important stage in a cat's development and can stop them from scratching and biting later on in life.

That is according to a leading pet behaviourist, who explains that early socialisation can help ensure that a kitten will not lash out when it does not get its own way.

Sarah Linehan, of the Pet Experience, said: "If you are handling the kitten and it scratches or bits, simply put it down immediately. You can use a harsh command like 'No' at the same time and the kitten will soon learn that all strokes and fuss stop if it uses its claws or teeth."

The way you approach feeding time and cat food can also have a profound effect on your animal.

According to the Washington Post's resident animal expert Dr Fox, being the one who sets out cat food and cleans out the litter box can help you bond with your pet, which can be crucial if your animal acts aggressively towards you or a member of your family.