Kitty 'stealing neighbours cat food'

Tuesday, 3rd May 2011

A worried owner has sought out advice in regards to her cat food-stealing kitty.

The Oxfordshire-based owner wrote into the Daily Telegraph's resident vet Dr Pete Wedderburn.

They revealed that the kitty goes into the neighbours cat flap and helps himself to the cat food on offer.

On top of this, the hungry puss will pace outside the neighbours house during the night and meows until they get up and fills up the food bowl.

In response, Dr Wedderburn wrote: "Your neighbour must learn not to feed your cat. All food needs to be kept out of reach, apart from at his own cat's meal times.

"Your cat has learnt that he gets rewarded by yowling loudly and being a nuisance, which is why he's continued to misbehave."

He added that if the neighbour refuses to feed this greedy cat, the problems should soon be dealt with.

Dr Wedderburn also suggests a microchip coded cat flap, which would mean the thieving cat would be unable to get into the neighbours house.