Kittens left for dead in airtight handbag

Friday, 14th October 2011

Seven lucky kittens are now happily eating cat food in the safety of a rescue centre after being left for dead inside an airtight handbag.

The animals were found by the husband of Sue Dobbs, the centre manager of the Cat Protection Centre, Bridgend, South Wales, who saw the purple bag on the side of the road and thought it belonged to one of the staff members.

When the bag was opened, the kittens were found to be semi-conscious.

Ms Dobbs said: "The vet said the cats would not have survived for much longer.

"It's the worst case I've seen in 13 years. We do see animals being dumped or abandoned but in all my time I have never seen anything like this."

She added that the kittens are making a good recovery and will be available for rehoming soon.

This follows news that a King Charles Spaniel was left for days without dog food zipped inside a suitcase and left on the side of the road.