Kitten survives 2,000 mile journey

Wednesday, 1st August 2012

A six-week-old kitten managed to survive without any real cat food as a stowaway on a cargo ship that travelled 2,000 miles.

The kitten, who has been named Yonda, was found after staff at the freight and logistics company Davies Turner unloaded the trailer at a depot in Dartford.

Yonda was very unwell when she was found. Another kitten was also found, but it had sadly died during the journey.

Heather McCann, from Cats Protection’s Croydon branch, said: "Yonda has had quite a journey! She was apparently very timid and frightened at first but thanks to the vigilance and kindness of everyone at Davies Turner, she is now doing well in the comfort of the Animal Inn.

"We can only imagine she jumped into the trailer to find somewhere warm to sleep."

The charity is now making an urgent appeal for donations to help pay for Yonda's six month quarantine costs.

Once she has come out of quarantine, she will be hoping to find a new home in England.

Davies Turner donated £230 from a staff dress down day and the Turkish company that own the trailer also contributed £385 towards the cost.