Kitten and chick form friendship

Monday, 13th February 2012

Cat owners will know that as well as enjoying their cat food, felines can often bring in little gifts to the home such as mice and birds they have caught.

A kitten in Moscow is perhaps not the typical cat then as she has developed a friendship with a chick, reports the Daily Mail.

Five-year-old Maria Federov brought home a stray kitten so it could be fed some cat food and her parents allowed her to keep it.

The next day, Maria rescued a chick from the clutches of the kitten, which her parents also let her keep.

Alexander, Maria's father, is quoted as saying: "We told her they might not make a great pair but she was sure they would be okay.

"Despite our fears both pets started to play with each other. They moved everywhere as twins, played, slept and even ate together."

Another unlikely bond between two species also developed in Russia after a zookeeper took home a baby chimp.

The chimp has now been adopted by the zookeeper's pet Mastiff, which allows the primate to share her dog bed with her puppies.