Kitten Moses rescued from certain death

Tuesday, 4th October 2011

One lucky kitten is sure to be enjoying some cat food after being rescued from certain death by two 11-year-old boys.

The two friends from Bramley spotted Moses, nicknamed Mo, floating down the Leeds/Liverpool Canal tied in a pink basket that was filling with water.

After getting the kitten out of the river, the boys took it to one of their homes and called the RSPCA.

Inspector Dave Holgate said: "If it hadn't been for the quick-thinking of these two young boys this kitten would certainly have drowned.

"I'm keeping an open mind about what happened here but think it’s likely that she is part of an unwanted litter, like a huge number of the young cats and kittens in RSPCA care at the moment."

The RSPCA recently revealed its centres are home to over 1,000 unwanted cats and kittens across London.

It said that many animals are being kept in private boarding or foster homes as the centres are too full.