Keep cat food and a litter box separate when introducing a kitten to a new home

Monday, 9th January 2012

When you are introducing a new kitten into a home where there are no other animals, it is a good idea to keep the cat food and the litter box separate, an expert has said.

Michelle Warfle, manager of Cat World at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, a US animal welfare organisation, said that it is also a good idea to have a "safe zone" for the kitten – such as a bedroom – so the animal can get used to the house.

She said: "Initially, close the door and let the kitten get used to the sounds and smells of the household. Show the kitten the litter box in his or her room so she or he knows where it is. Keep food and water in a different part of the room from the litter box."

Ms Warfle added that once the kitten seems comfortable, you can then let it out and about in the house under supervision.

However, she warned not to leave the kitten unattended until you are sure it is comfortable with its surroundings.