Katie Price shows off new pet puss

Monday, 12th September 2011

Katie Price will now need to add cat food to her weekly shop, as the model is the proud owner of a bald Sphinx cat called Nigel.

The reality star got her new feline friend from a pal in Spain, who she was visiting with her boyfriend Loandro Penna.

Describing Nigel, the 33-year-old said: "He's probably the ugliest animal in the world but he’s my ugly animal and I love him.

"Nigel's totally bald, which means you can see and feel him sweating when he's hot, and he can smell a bit. But he's quite cute, really, and very cuddly."

Price has released a number of pictures of Nigel on social networking website Twitter.

She was asked by one fan on Twitter how many pets she has now in total, to which Price responded: "I have 15 animals."

The author recently launched her own magazine, entitled Katie: My Magazine.