Jittery litter back on the mend

Tuesday, 4th December 2012

Staff at the Blue Cross re-homing centre in Torbay are helping a new-born litter of kittens find their confidence after they were abandoned on the roadside along with their mother.

Catherine Elliot and Stephanie Beckett responded to a call relating to the young feline family - which was found dumped in a box - but by the time they reached the scene the cats had escaped and were hiding nervously in a hedge.

The kittens were understandably very shaken up and unwilling to come within reach of the rescue team, and it was only through patience and dedication that the blue cross workers were able to rescue them all, returning to the scene day after day until the entire litter could be brought to safety.

Blue Cross centre manager Tim Sillis says the case highlights the need for owners to get their pets neutered in order to avoid unwanted litters being born.