Japan cat cafes to close early

Friday, 2nd March 2012

Cat cafes in Japan offer animal lovers a place where they can go to spend time with cats, while the cats are taken care of with pet food and a home.

As there are many restrictions on keeping pet cats in Japan, the cafes serve as a place where animal lovers can go to spend time with animals in a safe environment.

However, from June 1st, there will be new restrictions put in place meaning that these businesses will have to close at 8pm.

At present, they are allowed to stay open late, so business is thriving for those who run the cat cafes and animal lovers alike. The change in the law will mean working people will have less time to spend with their favourite animals.

Hiromi Kawase, the owner of a cat cafe in Tokyo, told Reuters that while it is worrying that the cut to the opening hours will mean she takes less profit, it will also have an adverse affect on the cats she takes care of.

"If our business hours go down and we lose two hours of profits, of course it's going to affect us, but it'll also affect the cats," she told the news provider.

"You know, in getting them all the things they need, like the correct amount of food and proper nutrition."