Jack the cat still missing in JFK Airport

Tuesday, 25th October 2011

A cat that went missing from the baggage department of JFK Airport has now been without cat food for seven weeks.

Jack was lost by American Airlines on August 25th and supporters of the animal are now calling for a boycott of the airline until the cat is found, reports the Daily Mail.

They also held a Jack the Cat Awareness Day on October 22nd, with people setting up at the airport to hand out flyers about Jack’s plight.

Bonnie Folz, one of the organisers of the search, said: "You would be surprised the amount of people at JFK that are not aware that Jack is missing.

"There are construction workers, shop workers, store workers, garage cleaners, garage security, terminal security and a whole lot more. Any one of them could be the one who sees Jack, but they need to know he is missing."

Just after Jack went missing, American Airlines spokesman Ed Martelle explained that its employees were setting out cat food by his cage in a bid to find him.

Jack now has almost 16,000 followers on Facebook.