It's official: Cats hate going to the vet

Wednesday, 27th March 2013

No one particularly enjoys going to the doctor, and the same can certainly be said of cats after a recent survey revealed that feline owners are far more likely than dog owners not to take their pet for a check-up due to their animal's hatred of going to the vet.

According to the American Association of Feline Practitioners, 60 per cent of cat owners claim their pet strongly dislikes visiting the local animal pharmacy, which is why cats make an average of 26 per cent fewer trips to the vet than dogs.

Having noticed this obvious aversion to medical attention, large numbers of owners are now sparing their cats the stress of regular check-ups, with 40 per cent only taking their pet to the vet when they are sick and a further 40 per cent only making the trip when essential vaccinations are needed.

However, whether your pet likes it or not it's important to make sure they receive the necessary level of care and attention, as health problems are always much easier to treat if they are caught early rather than waiting for symptoms to become severe.