Help cats lose weight by following feeding guidelines

Wednesday, 23rd May 2012

Owners should measure out cat food according to the feeding guide provided by the food manufacturer to help an overweight pet lose weight.

That is according to Ros Davies, cattery rehomer at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home's London site, who provided some advice on how to help a cat lose weight.

She said: "Follow the feeding guide from the cat food manufacturer and feed the cat according to what its ideal weight should be, not its actual weight.

"High quality cat food has a higher meat content, and they should be fed less of this. You can get dietary food from your vet."

Ms Davies added that it is also important to encourage an overweight cat to exercise by playing with it - especially if it is an indoor cat.

Battersea was established in 1860. It helps to reunite lost pets with their owners and provide new homes to those that have been abandoned.

The charity recently revealed that the most popular name for both cats and dogs is Charlie.