Grain-free and soy-free diet recommended for fat cats

Tuesday, 13th November 2012

If your kitty is looking a little on the chubby side, a change in diet could be just the ticket for trimming some of its pre-Christmas pounds.

In his weekly column in New York's Poughkeepsie Journal, vet Dr Michael Fox was confronted with the problem of a cat staying fat despite attempts to give it a healthier diet.

The owner reported their three-year-old male orange tabby cat has failed to lose an ounce of twenty pounds, even though they have been making a concerted effort to feed him three to four cups of dry diet cat food a day. In addition, the moggy is hungry all the time, leading its owner to wonder whether it has a medical problem.

Dr Fox suggests owners must make "every effort to transition [their] cat onto a grain- and soy-free cat food", whether canned, dry or raw. Felines should receive four to six teaspoon-sized meals daily.

He also pointed out that "many cats on high-fibre, weight-reducing diets suffer from constant hunger and malnutrition", which may be difficult for owners to deal with.