Football star finds soft spot for stray cat

Tuesday, 17th January 2012

Footballer Mario Balotelli has found a soft spot for a stray cat that keeps on coming into his training ground, even ensuring that he gets cat food every day.

The Italian striker for Manchester City has named the cat Wimblydon and makes sure that the ginger cat visits, reports the Sun.

A source told the news provider: “Mario loves Wimblydon and would love to take him home.

"Every day he comes in and makes sure the cat has come in to training and been fed.

"Mario is always keeping an eye out in the car park to make sure none of the lads actually run over the cat. He's very protective of him."

According to the Sun, the footballer is an animal lover who enjoys visiting zoos and wildlife parks and the cat's presence appeals to him.

Should he adopt the cat, Balotelli would have to make sure it made friends with his other pets – two Chow Chow puppies that he got before Christmas.

The footballer joined Manchester City in August 2010 for an estimated £24 million.