Feed kittens 'little and often'

Wednesday, 8th August 2012

Kittens should be fed small amounts of energy-dense cat food on a regular basis, an expert has said.

Beth Skillings, clinical veterinary officer at Cats Protection, explained that kittens have small stomaches but high energy requirments.

She was offering advice on how to care for kittens, explaining that they need plenty of pet toys and lots of sleep.

"Let your kitten have plenty of sleep and don’t disturb him or her when resting, as sleep is essential for growth and development,” she said.

"Provide your kitten with lots of play and entertainment – toys, climbing towers or activity centres - as they will have lots of energy to burn off."

Ms Skillings also spoke about the importance of neutering at around four months, when they reach sexual maturity.

Cats Protection recently launched a campaign to encourage poeple to get their cats neutered early in order to help reduce the number of stray and abandoned pets.