Feed feline cat food to help cure cystitis, vet says

Friday, 11th February 2011

Cat food may help to cure your feline's cystitis as it will make her thirstier, an expert has said.

Fiona Smith, a vet from the Chestnut Veterinary Group, made these remarks on hertfordshiremercury.co.uk in a response to a letter from a concerned cat owner.

The reader's cat, Mittens, had been urinating around the house and crying when doing so.

Dr Smith said that this is a classic symptom of cystitis and that one of the ways to alleviate the symptoms is to increase water intake.

Along with feeding her more cat food, the vet also suggests offering the cat palatable fluids such as stock.

The vet wrote: "Any measures which increase your cat’s water intake will help produce larger volumes of more dilute urine which may reduce the signs of cystitis and its recurrence.

"Cats often like dripping water from taps and water fountains are often an effective way to encourage increased water intake."

Should the symptoms continue, the cat may need pet medication, so the owner should take her to the vet, Dr Smith concluded.