Fame hungry tabby cat becomes internet sensation

Tuesday, 14th February 2012

Not only is a grey tabby cat hungry for cat food, he is craving fame as shown by his quirky photos.

The cat has become an internet sensation after being pictured posing as famous film and music stars, reports the Metro.

Named under 'cat of dreams' the cat is seen with his head in cardboard drawings of King Kong and Michael Jackson.

He has also posed as ET, Superman and Elvis, as well as portraying a scene from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Not much else is known about the cat but the photos have received plenty of praise from internet fans.

One is quoted as writing: "Great, now my co-workers are looking at me because I'm laughing!"

These photos are an adaptation of the recent internet craze called 'breading'.

Breading consists of pet owners taking a slice of bread, drilling a large hole in the centre and placing it around their cat to create a mane. The photos are then posted online.