Eyenimal allows owners to spy on their cats

Wednesday, 14th March 2012

A man has developed a camera that allows owners to see what their cat gets up to in the day, such as scavenging for pet food or playing with pet toys.

Paolo Teixeira created Eyenimal while he was unemployed. The camera he developed weighs 35g and has a 4GB memory, reports the Guardian.

Since its creation, Mr Teixeira now sells over 1,000 Eyenimals every month worldwide to both cat and dog owners.

He initially developed the Eyenimals because he was curious about his cats daily life. "Who does he hang out with, does he have a girlfriend?" the news provider quotes him as saying.

Although this device may provide an insight into your cats life, it may also result in watching hours of footage of a sleeping cat.

Cats Protection recently said that cats, on average, sleep for 16 hours every day, two times as much as humans. To mark National Sleep Awareness Week, which ran from March 5th to 11th, the charity ran a competition to find the funniest pictures of sleeping cats, which can be viewed on the charity's website.