Dumped cats spotlight pet abandonment epidemic

Thursday, 15th November 2012

The ongoing spate of pet abandonment has been highlighted by the plight of two cats that were recently dumped in a cardboard box in Oxford.

West Oxford Animal Rescue in Botley took the cats from the police after a dog walker discovered them left in a cardboard box in the Didcot area last Thursday.

“The man tried to get other rescue centres to take the cats but when that didn’t work he took them to Didcot police station, and officers got in touch with us,” said Janet Heath from the centre.

“More and more people are struggling to pay for their pets in the recession but it is so wrong to abandon animals at the side of the road,” sanctuary volunteer Cindy Murphy added.

As recently reported, the RSPCA has warned that rescue centres up and down the country are struggling with the volume of abandoned animals, with the problem exacerbated by the financial pressures wrought by the recession. Any animal lovers that could provide a home for a pet in need are urged to contact a rescue centre.